Pertinent Information


Authors of original works, be it artistic, literary, musical, are protected by copyright laws. All of De'Zyre's works, images and text, as well as her name, are copyright or trademark protected and may not be used or reproduced without written permission from De'Zyre Williams and Joyetta Murphy.

This section of De'Zyre's web site includes information about copyright law that we hope will be helpful, as well as guidelines for common requests we receive for the use of De'Zyre's work.

If you are working on a project that in any way incorporates De'Zyre's books, art work or name, please review the information in this section. Should you have any questions please contact De'Zyre Williams and Joyetta Murphy at or via US postal mail at PO Box 41, Plymouth, NC 27962. Please mark your submission “Request for Permission” on the outside of your envelope for immediate attention.



De'Zyre is often asked during interviews and presentations for tips or advice on getting their writings published.  Although, De'Zyre has a strong passion for helping others, she prefers not to give feedback on publishers to use, comment on the work of fellow authors or illustrators, whether she receives any royalties for her work, or broadly share her publishing experience. 

De'Zyre strongly feels that as a young author, she is not at liberty to give feedback, advice, or suggestions and can only share her work while carefully not giving feedback on the work of others. Moreover, De'Zyre has been trained to refrain from giving suggestions or advice on how to get published and the business of publishing because she is not of age of majority (meaning she is under the age of 18).